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Blend Friend resonant fuzz - designed by VFE student interns

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I had the privilege of working with two interns - Sebastian & Reed - from Tacoma's School of the Arts during the 2016-17 school year. They spent the second half of the year developing their own, unique guitar pedal. Even though school is now out for the summer, these two have come in to the shop to finish what they started.

The "Blend Friend" is a resonant, high-gain fuzz with a clean blend (the small knob in the middle). Their basic concept was to add a resonant low pass filter & clean blend to the classic Tonebender fuzz circuit. While the basic concept was fairly simple, getting it just right took many iterations and months of prototyping & tweaking.

Here's a breakdown of the controls:

VOLUME - it can get really loud

FUZZ - sets the gain/sustain of the fuzz

FREQ - sets the frequency cutoff of the resonant low pass filter (LPF)

RES/REZ - sets the resonance of the LPF, all the way into droning self-oscillation

BLEND (middle knob) - clockwise = more fuzz, counterclockwise = more clean

There are also internal trimpots to adjust the bias voltage of the fuzz, as well as the brightness of the LED light. As show in the video, the pedal has a momentary switching mode for to pulse the effect on/off. To activate this, simply press the sequence tap + tap + hold (3+ seconds).



Out of the $139 price, VFE takes home roughly $5 in profit. The rest of the money goes towards paying the students who designed and built the pedals, as well as the prototyping & parts costs of the pedals themselves.

VFE Pedals stands behind the quality of their workmanship with our standard 1-year warranty.

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