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Dragon dynamic overdrive - full graphic

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Tubescreamer. Rat. Klon. OCD. Tim. KoT. What do all these beloved drive circuits have in common? They all cut bass before distortion, and cut treble after distortion. This basic recipe is the backbone of many of the dirt pedals you use. Enter the Dragon, a dynamic overdrive designed to give you ultimate power over the pre-gain bass cut (HPF) and post-gain treble cut (LPF). Precisely tighten or fatten up your low end, smooth out the top end or add sparkle. Go from a transparent tone to a focused mid boost to push through a dense band mix, or just use it to light your favorite drive on fire.

- True bypass with buffered bypass option via internal switch

- Massive amount of boost on tap to push any amp

- Internal trimpot to adjust the compression of the gain stage

- Cut filters can be 6dB or 12dB for more extreme EQ cuts

Includes 1-year warranty on parts & labor.






Enclosure dimensions: 2.4"W x 4.4"L x 1.4"H  (60 x 111 x 35mm)

With knobs & jacks: 2.4"W x 4.6"L x 2.2"H  (60 x 117 x 56mm)



Industry-standard 2.1mm, negative-tip DC power supply.

STANDARD - accepts 9V up to 18V (recommended)

CHARGE PUMP MOD - accepts 9V (recommended) up to 12V






STANDARD ~15ma off, ~45ma on @ 9V, ~25ma off, ~55ma on @ 18V

CHARGE PUMP MOD ~30ma off, ~60ma on


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