VFE Pedals Eagle Board & Schematic Files

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Download a ZIP file full of the Autodesk Eagle files used in all past and current VFE products, including the Standout, Pinball, Dragon, and Klein Bottle. You can download this file as many times as possible, but please do not share it with others. If you want to fabricate your own boards in small quantities, I recommend using OSH Park.

Whenever I finalize new designs, I will update the ZIP file, and you will be able to download the newest files at no extra cost.

These files belong to VFE Pedals, and you do not have permission to use them for commercial purposes. However, you are welcome to use them to build for your own use, or to experiment for with new design ideas.

Please make sure to read through the READ ME file, as some of the designs have known issues. These are for reference only, and shouldn't be used without modification.

No technical support is offered on pedals built with these files, so I don't recommend them if you do not have experience reading schematics and the basics of circuit board assembly.

You can download Eagle for free for personal use at https://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/free-download

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4 Reviews

Brian Aug 2nd 2018

Great learning opportunity

For a DIYer like me, these files have quickly become a go to resource for PCB design. They’re filled with great ideas, I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to take their own boards into professional territory. Also, the schematics are full of their own great ideas and tweaks on classic designs.

DC6FX Jul 30th 2018

Amazing Cornucopia of Knowledge

Whether or not you want to use these files to build VFE pedals on your own, the information contained within these files is extremely vast and eye-opening to how guitar effects work. If you have a basic understanding of how circuits work and can follow a schematic (beware, the schematic files are a little messy to quickly scan over), you should not pass up these files. Stellar work!

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