VFE Pedals is a proud business partner of IDEA High School in Tacoma, WA. The VFE shop is located within the school itself, and helps provide equipment and materials for hands-on lessons & opportunities for students to learn about circuit board assembly, analog circuit design, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, graphic design, multimedia production, web design, and more.

You can help support these programs and learn about analog circuit design (and overall pedal building) directly from Peter on his Patreon page. You will find lots of cool pedal DIY rewards, including official VFE schematic & board files, circuit boards, and various DIY pedal kits.


In addition, all proceeds from sales of the VFE T-shirt will go to purchase materials and equipment for Peter's math, business, and analog circuit design courses.


Here are some highlights from the 2016-17 school year:

- A new VFE logo contest was held, and the winning logo was designed by freshman Sarah G. The new logo captures VFE's commitment to partnering with high schools to challenge and teach the next generation. In designing the VFE logo, Sarah gained experience in the overall design process, as well as a basic introduction to Adobe Illustrator. One year later, my entrepreneurship students added colors & simplified the design.


 - Student interns Reed & Sebastian designed a unique resonant fuzz pedal, which featured hand-painted artwork by local high school artist Tiffany Howell.


- Peter co-taught a 4-week workshop on building guitar pedals and how to use them in a band. Over 40 students got to build (and keep) their own VFE pedal with custom graphics. At the end of the workshop, the students performed with their pedals on stage at a live concert.