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Custom VFE Pedals hand-painted by Tiffany Howell

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VFE is proud to work with artist Tiffany Howell to offer our customers a custom, hand-painted graphic option. Tiffany is part of VFE's paid internship program through NEXT MOVE in Tacoma, WA. The NEXT MOVE Internship Program of Tacoma Public Schools works with the local professional community to design meaningful positions for high school students in order to provide each a preview of their professional future.  By working alongside employees in a specific industry, student-interns gain enthusiasm for a possible career, while also acquiring skills and expertise needed to succeed in the workplace. Click here to learn more.

To make the graphic last a long time, and to make the process efficient enough to make it worth the artist's time, all hand-painted pedals will use a bare metal enclosure with a clear coat to protect the painted graphic.

Here's what you get to choose:
- Effect
- Knobs
- LED color
- The animal or plant you want the artist to paint
- How the controls are labeled
- Whether the graphic is primarily black or full color (see photos for examples)

Custom order your pedal using the form below.

Pricing will adjust based on the options selected. Estimated build time is 3-5 weeks.

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Select Effect *
Select Knobs (optional) *
Select LED color *
How do you want the controls labelled? *
Do you want a full color graphic, or one painted primarily in black? See pictures for examples. *

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