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Klein Bottle multiband mixer/looper - DIY options

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Expected ship date is May 30th 2018

Due to high demand, we expect current pre-orders to ship in spring 2018.

This is the DIY option - you must build this pedal yourself, and it's not a build for beginners. You have been warned!

$49 PCB + Proprietary Parts - Comes with Klein Bottle PCB, switching MCUs, and custom dual-gang C10K/C100K potentiometers for the HPF/LPF controls. This option is recommended only for advanced builders. Comes with parts list & instructions.

$99 PCB + Proprietary Parts + Drilled Enclosure - Comes with everything that the $49 option has plus a precision-drilled, bare metal enclosure. This will ensure that everything fits just right and makes the pedal easier to assemble. Comes with parts list & instructions.

$159 PCB + MCU + Jacks/Pots/Switches - Includes everything you need except small PCB components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, inductors, diodes, op amps and other ICs). Comes with parts list & instructions. A part list will be created to make it easy to purchase these components quickly through Mouser. Available in 2 color / graphic configurations - navy + white text, teal + kelp forest graphic (this graphic is still in progress, so the preview image shows where we are at right now)


The Klein Bottle was designed for the noise makers, soundscape artists, endless tinkerers and tone wizards. This epic pedal starts by splitting the input signal into three FX loops. Each FX loop has dedicated controls for pre-gain, HPF/LPF (bandwidth filters), and main mix level. This allows you to send different parts of the signal to different effects, and blend them all back together to create new tones out of your existing pedals.

But wait, there's more! The magic happens when you use the independent feedback controls to send the signal from one FX loop into another...and then back again! Keep your existing tone intact with the DRY knob, while layering a cornucopia of sonic goodness on top.

- Dedicated mixing, EQ, and routing controls for each FX loop

- Variable phase shift circuit on FX loop #1 to correct phasing problems, or to create phase cancellations between effects.

- Each FX loop's on/off foot switch can be set to latching or momentary operation

- 3 trails modes - ALL, SENDS (just the feedback loops), and none (middle position)

- Dry blend for mixing back in the original signal

- Filters can be 6dB or 12dB for more extreme EQ cuts

Includes 1-year warranty on parts & labor.


Want to learn more? Take a deep dive into the description from the Klein Bottle Kickstarter campaign page or check out the demo video by YouTube channel Knobs.



Enclosure dimensions: 5.7"W x 4.7"L x 1.5"H  (145 x 119 x 38mm)

With knobs & jacks: 6.1"W x 4.9"L x 2.3"H  (155 x 124 x 58mm)



Industry-standard 2.1mm, negative-tip DC power supply.

STANDARD - accepts 9V up to 18V (recommended)






STANDARD ~70ma @ 9V, ~130ma @ 18V

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Expected ship date is May 30th 2018

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