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Pinball tilt EQ - full graphic

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You have probably used a tone knob that turns clockwise for more treble & less bass, and counterclockwise for more bass & less treble. This ubiquitous EQ is called a tilt equalizer, and it is able to make quick EQ adjustments with just one knob. Until now, this type of EQ hasn't been tunable - in other words, the frequency filters that make up the EQ have been fixed. Introducing the Pinball, the first fully tunable, precision analog tilt equalizer. Add sparkle to a dark amp, or warm up a bright amp. Get sizzle and bite from humbuckers, or fatten up a single coil. Try it on bass or synth!

- True bypass with buffered bypass option via internal switch

- Tone knob "tilts" EQ by blending between HPF & LPF

- Wide range EQ for use with any gear setup

- Filters can be 6dB or 12dB for more extreme EQ settings

Includes 1-year warranty on parts & labor.



Enclosure dimensions: 2.4"W x 4.4"L x 1.4"H  (60 x 111 x 35mm)

With knobs & jacks: 2.4"W x 4.6"L x 2.2"H  (60 x 117 x 56mm)



Industry-standard 2.1mm, negative-tip DC power supply.

STANDARD - accepts 9V up to 18V (recommended)

CHARGE PUMP MOD - accepts 9V (recommended) up to 12V






STANDARD ~15ma off, ~45ma on @ 9V, ~25ma off, ~55ma on @ 18V

CHARGE PUMP MOD ~30ma off, ~60ma on


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